Tuesday, May 31

a collection of inspiration

photo --  the age

last week i was spending some time reading back through a new blog i have recently discovered -- flourish & blume ... all about two gals revamping old chairs.

i don’t know about you, but i love opening the links that other people provide in their blogs, as they usually contain endless inspiration and provide me with new knowledge that i simply do not possess in my small young mind. 

& through some flourish & blume link love contained in their florence, the original style queen post, i ended up going on to read a biographical account of ‘florence broadhurst – her secret & extraordinary lives’ written by helen o’neill.

what an intriguing, yet controversial australian 'lady' for her day (1899-1977). if you have the time, go read the book for your self… or for a quick take on this dynamic lady & to view her extraordinary work, you can head on over to signature prints.


signature prints are the proud custodians of, and own exclusive world-wide commercial licensing to this iconic library. if you are into screen printing, then take a look at their site - its amazing! (i would certainly be knocking on their door for some work experience if i lived in sydney) 

photo -- signature prints

so, to say i have gained a little bit of inspiration from the broadhurst collection is an understatement. i am captivated by many of her designs (& there are reportedly 500+ in the collection). 


& my favourites are...

scatter daisy - for its quaint delight..

 cockatoos - for its hidden australian quirkiness

& japanese bamboo - so strong & fresh


:: if your up for a challenge, which of these three do you like?

ps: if you want to take a peek at the whole collection head over here

Wednesday, May 25

production series: tea pots -- part 1

ok. here's the beginning of a new series... i am going to share with you how my BIRCHseed -- printed by hand products are made. 


1. it begins with thinking of an idea for a new product. in this case its a tea pot print for toddler girls a range of products like: t-shirt print / toy softie / scarf & fabric for clothes making.

i source inspiration from online / mags & books / thrift stores (yes! where i found this awesome tea pot) / my garden / nature walks etc. everywhere really - my brain does not stop.


2. i then start sketching & getting my design in some sort of order

3. i select the design i am happy with the most 

4. then draw it onto the lino (in reverse as all blockprinting is mirrored when pressed)

5. & then the carving begins...

& thats all i have done so far... 

i am working on this project now so you will see part 2 shortly that will take you through the carving & printing processes in more detail.


:: until then you can follow daily posts with my 'thrift finds week' over at my facebook page -- oh & i would love to hear any projects (big or small) that you have in progress :)

Tuesday, May 17

my home-based workshop -- the tour

so... i run my small blockprinting endeavours from home. well, for all my printing i actually work in a shed in my backyard! 

see... there is my house in the background, sons toys scattered around the yard & chokos piled-up on the ground. a chook or two also live here, along with kenny the cat and jackie brown my forever loyal kelpie.

i blockprint because i want to be at home with my son and look after him. i also do this because i am fortunate to have a supportive partner [mr r.] who allows me to explore my creative side without the pressure to make money - or an income from it (thanks mr r. for these pics!)

i love working in the shed... its a great open space -- double garage with 2 roller doors i open right up and let the natural light stream in.

 i am in love with nasturtiums too --  i seem to always have them growing in abundance in my garden, so much so, that i can pick streamers of them & hang in my shed for some added vibrancy & prettiness...


... ok & now we are inside my home...

this is where all the blockprint designs & carving take place and of course the sewing -- tucked away in a little nook of the sunroom. its a cosy & warm room that takes in a stunning northerly view of the springbrook np range. yes, i am lucky to live in beautiful northern nsw.

oh, and a new love in my life -- a vintage ironing board. she stands proud & tall and only cost me $5 from my local thrift store last week! isn't she gorgeous!!

ok, so now you can see a glimpse into my creative space. its nice to have a space like this. its nice to create. 

:: where 'abouts' do you spend your time creating?

Saturday, May 14

apples -- part 2

... & the apple-ation continues...  (i just invented the term 'apple-ation' to highlight the celebration of apples!)

here -- i share with you the many & varied items i have created to date using the humble apple print...

bean bag chair for my son
brown paper gift wrap 
apple mac linen pillow
100% cotton tea towel
organic baby rattle / teething ring in green or red
toddler / baby cotton singlet
organic fabric combo pillow - made by joint efforts of BIRCHseed & The Organic Mamas
toddler / baby singlet with green apple motif
fat 1/4s of  fabric - as featured on crafting a greener world
fat 1/4 of fabric ready for making
baby bib - a completely home-designed, sewn & handprinted item  

organic onesie - SOLD OUT

phew, thats alot of apples. -- BIRCHseed 'apples' can now be found across most states in australia and around the globe in places like singapore, new jersey, connecticut & new zealand.

if you would like to join in on the 'apple-mania' (another word creation ooops!) you could purchase one for yourself if you pop over to my shop.

oh &... i love making new stuff, it excites me!... i will continue to post in this series when i have more apple items to share with you. until then ...

:: is there anything you would like an apple print on? just pop up a comment & we can work together on creating something completely and utterly for you!


Wednesday, May 11

apples -- part 1

i like them! - but i don't know why...? 

perhaps its the sentimental value of it being the first ever block i handcarved? maybe its because i am not getting tired of looking at it? i just can't put my finger on why i like printing apples!

anyway, i guess i have become rather attached to printing them... as i seem to think up a myriad of ways to apply the print - in all sorts of colours too! (apples - part 2 coming soon).

:: whats your favourite creation at the moment?


Sunday, May 8

whats in the name... BIRCHseed?

some of you may wonder how i came to called my business BIRCHseed...?  

... the name came together over a few days of thinking about how to brand the printed fabrics & items i was to make. i gave some deep thought about a name that...
  • could be used across a broad variety of ages & items
  • had a fresh 'sounding' word (or words)
  • was a little bit 'green' to match the organic & non toxic elements of my printed fabric
  • in some way resonated with my personal life... 

i really liked the word BIRCH on its own, but after some googling i could see i was not the only one! as a child, i grew up with 3 lovely, big, white paper-trunked birch trees in our backyard & i would spend hours pulling apart the seed clusters & watching them spin & float to the ground (dot point 4 covered!) 

& so the formation of two words became one - BIRCHseed.

:: how did you come to uncover your business name / brand?


Tuesday, May 3

blockprinted textiles at home

online shopping is a handy thing for a new mum... 2 days later a speedball knife & lino arrived in the mailbox & i began carving... 

this was around the time my son was beginning to eat solid food. he was into things like pureed apple & pear. 

carving, carving...(fingers getting sore)...carving. 

thought... 'babies first foods on a bib' ticked over in my mind.

organic fabrics of course - along with non-toxic inks. bib designed a little different to the norm... hand sewn, wood button fastening at front, lined with soft bamboo terry on the back.

ended up with different 4 prints in 4 great colours which you can see in my shop.


Monday, May 2

humble beginnings -- the inaugural post

the humble beginnings of BIRCHseed started with an idea & a strong desire of 'wanting to hand-print beautiful eco fabric that could be used to make things'

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