Saturday, August 4

& this is how i made the couch.....

hello again.... am getting a few emails from my readers in response to this weeks post asking how i made the couch....(probably should have explained a little bit more in my post hey!!)....

the frame is queen size recycled hardwood futon base that i cut in half to create 2 separate bed bases. i bought this in byron bay 10 years ago for $50 i think. you could use 2 of the $39 ikea fjellse bed frames  and saw the bed head part off. and you will need some $30 slats to also go with this frame.

the mattresses are from ikea. they are the sultan harestua and cost around $99 each. cushions line the back wall and range in size from 40 to 60cm square inserts and covers, plus a few other random sizes too.

the grey cover is simply 2 cotton $14 yoga blankets purchased online from the army disposal store here. i have them folded in to place atm, but aim to trim and sew snug fitting covers from them that will just slip on and off for the wash.

so for me the total cost was $278 dollars for the couch set up and i think i spent around $150 on cushions (i got the nice feather inserts......zzzzzzz) and a few covers. the others i made myself. 

i am also hunting down some industrial 100mm castors to screw to the bases, as this then allows ease of moving the couch from a L-shape to a lux kingsize double bed which we use when we have guests.

....the best thing about this style of couch for us right now is that our 3 year old boy can eat, drink, read and commando roll all over the couch and it still looks slick at the end of the day.

:: hope this helps guide you to making your own version of simple, family friendly couch!

Thursday, August 2

My Creative Space : Shaking things up on the creative front | Village Voices

i visited an old haunt of mine today to gain some inspiration for a blog post...'our creative spaces'.

today they have asked to show something that is this is a simple project i did a couple of weeks ago... i made a family friendly couch after ditching the 2 seater ikea karlstrand!

our creative spaces has a new home and its really quite fun of your a creative type. its a great place to see what other makers are making and show the creative world what your up to.

follow the link if this kind of thing interested you... be warned, its addictive!

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