i am nikki shipard, creator of BIRCHseed - printed by handBIRCHseed is an australian home-based workshop that creates absolute one-of-a-kind eco & organic textiles and handmade products through the artful process of block printing.

... the method of block-printing my textiles by hand allows me the time and space to SLOW down, enjoy and share a creative home-environment with my partner & son (& chooks!).

... i design and hand-carve my unique printing blockseach block usually contains just one object which is then individually inked and hand pressed onto fabric to form a unique surface pattern. this method creates some lovely ‘imperfections’ that lend themselves to the organic, wholesome & handmade nature of my end products.

... all inks used are non-toxic & water-based (much more friendly towards our environment and health, being gentle enough for even babies to wear).

... i consciously seek australian-made materials or suppliers for my textiles, printing materials & handmade products.

... products designed from the fabrics i create are related to my current interests, influences and life directions

:: i have put together this blog because i want to share a snippet of my world as a creative person. i also hope to connect and inspire other people balancing the life of parenting with making stuff. if you would like regular updates of how i try to balance my creative side (& how you can too) click here

ps: bec from 'radish and ruth' asked me some questions in a little interview, if you want to know a bit more?

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