Thursday, October 20

DIY - handmade bias binding

want a chunky, organic-looking bias binding? 

this DIY takes your through the process of making continuous bias binding from bits of fabric you have at home in your stash or upcycle some old pillow cases / sheets / table clothes etc.
(i chopped up a 100% cotton curtain left over from cushion making project...)

1. grab your piece of remnant fabric & fold in half (good sides together)... now draw a square, probably at least 10 inches wide...
2. my squares measure 14 x 14 inches
3. cut squares out
4. pin squares together and sew 3mm in from edge all the way around the 4 sides. use a straight stitch set on 2.5
5. draw a diagonal line across from one corner to the other like shown...
6. lay fabric back on table
7. flip the fabric and do the same on the other side - BUT you actually want the two lines to form a 'X' when peeking at both sides - so just lift the other side and check
8. snip off 1cm from all 4 corners - this is so the scissors can be inserted in the following steps
9. snipped- corner close up

10. now cut across the diagonal line on one side...
11. flip the fabric and do exactly the same on the other side - BUT when you get towards the centre of the line, be careful not to pick up and cut the underneath layer, have a peek when you get to the middle just to make sure
12. with both sides now cut, begin to open the square from the centre
13. keep gently pulling open the square till the square begins to look like a tubular rectangle
14. lay the rectangle tube flat on the table
15. iron open & flat all sewn seams
16. close up of ironed seams
17. with your fabric tube flat on the table, draw a vertical line 6 or so inches in from the left side as shown...
18. with your ruler and chalk, mark and trim the top and bottom edges to neaten

19. now draw 3cm (1 inch) horizontal lines all the way down the right side of the 6 inch vertical line
20. begin cutting the lines all the way down
21. till you have a piece of fabric that now looks like some deep sea jelly fish!
22. open your fabric from the 6 inch side until you have the un-cut section of the fabric tube centred on the tabel
23. now, this is where the continuous bias comes into play... draw and match up the lower left side cuts with the upper right side cuts
24. until it looks like this...
25. begin cutting along the lines from the top - & trim the irregular top edge off square
26. keep cutting the lines all the way down... i inserted a piece of A4 paper in between so as not to accidentally cut into the underneath layer
27. cutting, cutting cutting....

28. when you get to the bottom, trim the irregular edge to make square
29. and viola!! you should now have a lengths & lengths of bias binding!
30. a great way to keep your bias binding flat and neat is to make a holding spool... i used an old ikea cardboard box cut into this shape
31. tape one end to the cardboard spool
32. now just wrap the bias around the spool & store till you need to use...
33. the binding put to use as a raw edge around a cotton singlet
34 - 36. you can now make bias binding in any colour / fabric to add to your handmade apparel.


once you have mastered this technique, watch out... it becomes a tad addictive!

:: would love to hear what sewing tips and tricks you use at home to help make your things 
just that little bit different....

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  1. Oh that looks like a lot of work! Bravo! Well done! If only I had a sewing machine *sighs*

  2. this is the second tutorial of yours i have saved to try next month, thanks so much for sharing, can't wait to try it out!

  3. What a fantastic tutorial...will definitely be referring back to it in future :)

    btw...made my son's tent and he loves it.


  4. It looks beautiful and not very easy to me but ah, well, I must admit here and now that I don't sew! Hopefully the time will come and I know that when it does it will be a blast, just like knitting!

    I love your new blog header - those hens are so lovable!!

  5. I've never made my own bias before, piping yes, bias no - so thank you for the tutorial on how to. Will have to give it a try sometime soon.

  6. Great tut! I love bias binding.. just not 'brave' enough to use it tho!


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