Wednesday, March 28

more market makings

made some little hessian baskets to fill with chocolate easter eggs, to go with my chookies...


the market is on this saturday at Stokers Siding hall - 9 till 2pm.
also this weekend, my good friend and artist - Belinda Smith is running a potato printing 'pop-up' workshop in Murwillumbah, with a new creative collective called Hey Maker! (click on the links for details)

Thursday, March 15

a making for my son

i purchased a nice little book a few months back as it had some really sweet items to make that could be for boys or girls.... i like things that don't scream 'pink' for girls and are not 'thomas the tank engine' related for boys.

since a recent beach holiday, my son loves all things sea-related + one of his favourite books is 'magic beach' which is full of rock pools with limpets, crabs, sea horses and of course lots of mystical magic too!

so.... i chose to crochet this blanket for his room, as it looks a bit rock pool-ish  / sea anemone-ish

it used up 18 balls of 8ply grey wool + small amounts of other colours

each larger circle used up 1 ball each!

i did double the wool though to get it extra chunky.

i love it even better flipped over to the reverse side, as it 'pops' out a bit more.

my son loves to drag it off his bed and jump onto the circles, saying the colours as he jumps from one to the other.... so it kinds doubles as a memory game too.


:: love to hear if anyone else made a special blanket for their kids or friends? 
feel free to leave some links below to share :)

ps: i have linked the books to fishpond if anyone is interested in buying them (i use fishpond, as its australian) 

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