Wednesday, March 28

more market makings

made some little hessian baskets to fill with chocolate easter eggs, to go with my chookies...


the market is on this saturday at Stokers Siding hall - 9 till 2pm.
also this weekend, my good friend and artist - Belinda Smith is running a potato printing 'pop-up' workshop in Murwillumbah, with a new creative collective called Hey Maker! (click on the links for details)


  1. very sweet baskets! I have been eating my way through the school fundraising easter eggs that we are supposed to sell - so i really don't know what will happen when the easter bunny actually visits our house !! mel x

  2. Oh, your chickens are so lovely! You are going to be a success!

  3. Hi Nikki!

    Rachael here. So good to finally see what you do! I love your work! You veggie garden and everything look so lovely.

    Your blog is so beautiful. I started one recently about our renovation and I got completely obsessed with posting every day. Nuts. Anyway, hopefully we'll see you again soon. Craig's birthday is in a few weeks and if the renos are finished we thought we'd have you all around to help christen them!


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