Thursday, August 25

other things i make -- handmade flower girl dresses

you may be wondering what i got up to during my 2 week holiday.... 

some sewing of course!

... a few months back, my lovely neighbour (who also has a wonderful blog you can view here) kindly asked if i would make 3 flower girl dresses for her late august wedding. 

i jumped at the chance to do this girly project, as i up until now, most of the things i make are for the boys in my life. with some spare time during my holiday, i was able to sew to my hearts content, add the finishing touches and hand the dresses over to my very excited neighbour. 

... it was nice to be surrounded and immersed in ribbons, frills, flowers and tulle for a while.

... it was also nice to have a project that required such attention to detail. i especially enjoyed the days when i sat quietly in my sunroom (with many cups of tea) and hand-stitched the finer detailing on the dresses.

2 inch gross grain ribbon was gently hand stitched around each waistband

handmade tulle petticoats to add fullness and pop!

i have never used so many pins ever. 3 layers of tulle
stacked under each other that go round & round & round...

the beautiful toile fabric used for the bodice and contrast trims

fold upon fold... very full skirts with contrast hem

and trim was added to the base of the waistband ribbons


thank you kind neighbour... for allowing me this indulgence in some girly sewing pleasure. 

:: may your wedding day be perfectly beautiful xx

Thursday, August 4

handprinted organic canvas totes

this week has been busy, busy, busy with filling orders and sending stuff around the world.

these wonderful organic canvas bags are sourced from The Organic Mamas - a sydney based company with lovely organic fabrics, bags, baby clothes and great ethos to boot!

Mel, the person behind The Organic Mamas is a passionate mum whose search for organic cottons came about from her growing concern of the amount of fire retardants, chemicals and synthetic dyes that are used in the production of commercial grade baby clothes and bedding. she also has a great blog here.

BIRCHseed and The Organic Mamas have been working together for some time on joint projects here and there, as our service and products blend perfectly together with the wholesome look of a block print suiting the wonderful organic textiles and textures found in Mels products.


:: more bags and designs to come... I will post a link when the bags are ready for sale in my shop

ps: these gorgeous heart printed bags are a custom made design requested from Mel, so i will let you know where you can purchase them if you love as much as i do!

more from great makers and creators over at our creative spaces

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