Thursday, August 4

handprinted organic canvas totes

this week has been busy, busy, busy with filling orders and sending stuff around the world.

these wonderful organic canvas bags are sourced from The Organic Mamas - a sydney based company with lovely organic fabrics, bags, baby clothes and great ethos to boot!

Mel, the person behind The Organic Mamas is a passionate mum whose search for organic cottons came about from her growing concern of the amount of fire retardants, chemicals and synthetic dyes that are used in the production of commercial grade baby clothes and bedding. she also has a great blog here.

BIRCHseed and The Organic Mamas have been working together for some time on joint projects here and there, as our service and products blend perfectly together with the wholesome look of a block print suiting the wonderful organic textiles and textures found in Mels products.


:: more bags and designs to come... I will post a link when the bags are ready for sale in my shop

ps: these gorgeous heart printed bags are a custom made design requested from Mel, so i will let you know where you can purchase them if you love as much as i do!

more from great makers and creators over at our creative spaces


  1. Looking good - the coarse texture of canvas makes the block printing really pop!

  2. They look great... cute print design too :) I'm off to check out their site!

  3. Great designs, I especially like the apples. Looks lovely and textural.

  4. hi nikki
    i am so deliriously happy with the prints that (a) we were late for school on the morning they arrived, and (b) I can't stop looking at them for long enough to take some photos for the shop!
    yardage girl, lamina and sherrin - thanks for the great comments and I definitely agree that the canvas texture are a perfect match for the block prints.
    and nikki - thanks for the kind words, you are an absolute star!
    Mama Mel x

  5. Congratulations Nikki - they look fantastic!

  6. bags are gorgeous. would love to have one!

  7. beautiful bags, love your ethics too...good luck with getting these gorgeous bags 'out there' :o) xoKate

  8. here is where you can purchase Mel's wonderful bags from --


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