Thursday, July 28

my creative 'garden' space

as many of you would know the past week and a half have been a bit sad at no.4 baker st with the passing of my beloved 13 year old chocolate brown kelpie -- jackie brown

she spent most of her final days laying in the sun in the backyard, so the past week i've had a little bit of garden therapy... spending lots of time poking and pondering and just 'being' in my kitchen garden instead of in the printing shed.

so today i thought i might share this space with you
no captions, no words just visuals...

ok, some words now...

this is JB's new resting place in our garden...
river rock placed in the sun... her ashes scattered around.... native australian daisy's in flower

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  1. Just beautiful Nik. No wonder Jackie Brown loved hanging out in the sun there - and now she's resting in peace forever with you all close by xxx

  2. Wow what an amazing garden - such a beautiful resting place.

  3. Beautiful Nikki ~ such a lush and lovely garden space and the perfect spot for JB xxx

  4. thanks for your kind comments michelle, trudi and topcat xx

  5. I will have to pop over to see her rock. I agree, good resting place.


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