Thursday, September 29

organic hemp and cotton tea towels... a scrumptious new textile for BIRCHseed

:: time to show you my new cream-de deluxe BIRCHseed tea towels...

they are made from a blend of hemp and certified organic cotton. 

these are the type of tea towel that you will have in your home for the next 20 years.... they are heavy weight and strong, because hemp is the strongest natural textile of them all, its even stronger than linen!

i have predominantly printed my tea pots so far in these colours

... and chookies in green and brown

(... the piggy chopping board was handmade by my pop some 25 years ago)

i feel a bit funny about selling a tea towel around the $30 mark.... i had to save long and hard to be able to purchase a bulk amount so i could print on them. but if you could reach out right now and just touch these.... 

you would see why i have gone to the effort to include them in my BIRCHseed range, as they feel and look amazing. and they only get softer and sweeter with each wash.

.... oh and did i mention they are certified organic? and made in Australia!!

so there you are... my new tea towels will be added to my madeit and etsy store this week.

 i will post alerts via my facebook page when i list each one (oh and i will continue to sell my $12 tea towels too, as  i know paying $30 for a tea towel is not for everyone :)

:: have you ever paid $30 for a tea towel for your self or as a gift for someone special?

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  1. Remind me to show you the one I got in NZ for the same price...with an artist design on it...

  2. Oh, they are divine! No, I haven't spent $30 on a tea-towel, but they would be perfect for a kitchen gift hamper.

  3. I do appreciate a good tea towel and these look fab - wish I could feel them:) Cyndy

  4. Hi - they are just gorgeous!!! I have been trying to source organic and fair trade fabric for my range of clothing - wondered if you could email me where you buy this from? Thanks, Rach


  5. I like them, I like them a lot!
    Especially as I am partial to both teapots and chickens : )
    I haven bought a tea towel for might be time for a treat ; )

  6. I love a pretty tea towel and these are lovely - congrats!

  7. Oh these are so beautiful! I love the teapot design.

  8. I've fallen in love with the teapot print!

    And, I really like the fact they are made out of hemp. Thirty dollars sounds quite dear to me, but then again I have bought many tea towels that have been either dirt cheap or mid range and both types haven't quite done the job properly. So it might be an idea to invest in a pretty and useful tea towel.

  9. I do have a thing for teatowels and quite frankly they are often a piece of art on display in my kitchen hanging over the oven rail. LOVE that teapot design!

  10. Oh, how lovely the look! I can only imagine how they feel... but for now I am in love with the teapots and the hens. So, so, so lovely!!

  11. i just stumbled upon your blog through our creative spaces and i am blown away. the teatowels are just gorgeous, i am checking your etsy shop now. i'm always on the lookout for pretty teatowels. they make kitchen chores so much more fun :)

  12. Hi, followed you here via madeit,via FB :) (kowhai leaf pre-loved clothes).

    Yes, I have spent $30 on teatowels. 2 were handprinted & stitched from a lovely lady out in the dandenongs. Wish I recalled her name. Both were gifts I sent to US & UK (housewarming & xmas) I wanted to find buy from her again but including post via her site (I brought direct from sisters market first time) was near $50 - just too much. That was suppose to be for a gift also (wedding), but found out the bride & groom had towels printed up for bon bonerie, so went with another gift. Then after my last baby I wanted something for my midwives. I gave them a card with photos and gifted them a handprinted teatowel ($30 each). I knew they would have no idea how much I'd payed for them, but I wanted something hopefully that woudl stand out from their other teatowels and so when they used it they would be reminded of the words of gratitude I wrote in the card. Those towels were brought from a madeit seller in Sydney.

    So, now you have a very epic indepth story of my history of $30 tea towels!

    haaha - I just wrote all that to encourage you that some people will buy $30 tea towels. I understand the work that goes into making such things and fully appreciate beautiful quality handcrafted things

    Good luck with your new towels x

  13. Thank so much for the encouraging & in depth comments everyone. I know it takes effort and time to write a comment and connect. Just want to say that receiving these words keep me enthused in with my printing and search for the best quality products I can make for other people like you!

    All my tea towels are now listed in my etsy & madeit store, which are linked to this blog in the top tab that says 'shop'.

    Must return to the shed this week and print I have almost sold out of the first batch already. Yay!!

    Happy to make custom colours if anyone is addicted to a particular colour ATM. I am so addicted to mustard yellow!!


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