Thursday, October 6

Kanelstrand blog: BIRCHseed Giveaway

This weeks is all about sharing my first GIVEAWAY!


to enter head over here to the Kanelstrand Organic Living....a blog that helps make the world one shade greener and walks the organic path 

good luck!

:: would love to hear what other BIRCHseed products would rock your world as a free giveaway :)

more at our creative spaces today....


  1. Love your printing, and the kids and I just watched your carving snippets. Would love to see a inking/printing snippet.

  2. Anything with prints on it are hot right now! Love the giveaway, I'm headed on over to enter! Thanks!

  3. following from k-stad. from etsy blog team. stop by and say, we love followers too! NICE bags!

  4. from k-strand!! sorry, it's late. :)glad to be here

  5. I didn't sign on up for your giveaway, but I did want to say that I've been enjoying your blog and looking at all of your hand printed loveliness.
    My goodness, I love your little teapot tea towels and cannot go past the flowery fabric buttons. I would so love one of those on a bigger button - say 1 inch/ 1.5 inch to wear as a brooch. Your work is truly lovely. Following you! xo

  6. thanks for the kind words everyone.. the competition is firing and i will definitely be doing this again. its a great way to meet new people and fellow makers :)

    hey kylie - so funny you mentioned the brooch concept, as this is only a few weeks away from being added to the BIRCHseed shop! i will announce with a post to my facebook page when they are ready - and most likely run a little blog post about it too.

    thanks again!

  7. I really enjoy your blog and love your shop. The buttons are so sweet! Would be cute as pins too :) thanks for the giveaway of your bags-adore those teapots and chickens!

  8. What beautiful prints, hard to not want everything. I think the tea towels are my favourite - everyone needs a bit of kitchen joy.

  9. just popped over to the kanelstrand blog - what a great site - and what lovely comments have been left for you - this is one proud mama. mel x


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