Tuesday, June 4

BIRCHseed on break for 2013

BIRCHseed is taking a break. 
we anticipate this to be for the remainder of 2013... 

if we start up again during 2013, we will post up here / on facebook / start our markets again and email all our lovely customers who are currently stocking our items.

thankyou for your support and hope to be back soon.

nikki and the team :)

Saturday, December 1

'capturing gratitude' ....and all the others day of this wonderful month

because i posted direct to the 'capturing gratitude' facebook page and have had a crazy busy month, i forgot to post to my own blog too... derrrr!

so here are all my other moments of capturing gratitude over the month of november...

If you want to read my daily blurbs for any of the pics go to my facebook page here for a look see 

Friday, November 9

Day 9 - grateful for white things

gardenias in my garden...
crocheting rocks with white cotton....
moroccan jasmine just staring to bloom on the vine...
little japanese lunch pouches sewn from white linens....

Wednesday, November 7

days 6 & 7 - capturing gratitude

i have so many flowers blooming in my garden...i am captivated by the vibrant colours and when a certain angle of sunlight illuminates the petals and foliage.

i am grateful for my garden!

day 6 - purple cosmos in morning light...

day 7 - red nasturtium

Monday, November 5

day 5 - capturing gratitude

Grateful for recycling.... finding this old boiler at our local tip shop to add to my garden 

Sunday, November 4

Day 4 - capturing gratitude

grateful for the ominous grey clouds that are bringing rain to our dry land today

Saturday, November 3

day 3 - capturing gratitude

Grateful for little people's imaginations that shine... My son wanted mr small to live under a daisy in our garden, so we made it happen!

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