Tuesday, May 3

blockprinted textiles at home

online shopping is a handy thing for a new mum... 2 days later a speedball knife & lino arrived in the mailbox & i began carving... 

this was around the time my son was beginning to eat solid food. he was into things like pureed apple & pear. 

carving, carving...(fingers getting sore)...carving. 

thought... 'babies first foods on a bib' ticked over in my mind.

organic fabrics of course - along with non-toxic inks. bib designed a little different to the norm... hand sewn, wood button fastening at front, lined with soft bamboo terry on the back.

ended up with different 4 prints in 4 great colours which you can see in my shop.



  1. The images you carved are great...and I understand why you like the apple so much...it is really nice...well done...

  2. Aha! - the first photos of carved woodblocks I've seen - I understand now why only ink from the design gets onto the fabric :)


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