Sunday, May 8

whats in the name... BIRCHseed?

some of you may wonder how i came to called my business BIRCHseed...?  

... the name came together over a few days of thinking about how to brand the printed fabrics & items i was to make. i gave some deep thought about a name that...
  • could be used across a broad variety of ages & items
  • had a fresh 'sounding' word (or words)
  • was a little bit 'green' to match the organic & non toxic elements of my printed fabric
  • in some way resonated with my personal life... 

i really liked the word BIRCH on its own, but after some googling i could see i was not the only one! as a child, i grew up with 3 lovely, big, white paper-trunked birch trees in our backyard & i would spend hours pulling apart the seed clusters & watching them spin & float to the ground (dot point 4 covered!) 

& so the formation of two words became one - BIRCHseed.

:: how did you come to uncover your business name / brand?



  1. Great brain storm... the name WORKS nicely... Sucess to you...Cheers! S x

  2. thanks for your feedback SILVANA... you have such a lovely name for your business - am i right in assuming this is your personal name?

  3. Hi Nic, thanks ...yes, it's my name and the Second Thoughts come a long for been very inquisitive, loving vintage and sometimes being doubtful and indecised..:O\ I can't help!!


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