Thursday, August 2

My Creative Space : Shaking things up on the creative front | Village Voices

i visited an old haunt of mine today to gain some inspiration for a blog post...'our creative spaces'.

today they have asked to show something that is this is a simple project i did a couple of weeks ago... i made a family friendly couch after ditching the 2 seater ikea karlstrand!

our creative spaces has a new home and its really quite fun of your a creative type. its a great place to see what other makers are making and show the creative world what your up to.

follow the link if this kind of thing interested you... be warned, its addictive!


  1. can you come down here and make one for me too?? thank you so much for your sweet gift too - i'll wear it with pride. mel xxx

  2. Definitely looks like a great family friendly couch, how did you make it?
    Love it.


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