Saturday, May 14

apples -- part 2

... & the apple-ation continues...  (i just invented the term 'apple-ation' to highlight the celebration of apples!)

here -- i share with you the many & varied items i have created to date using the humble apple print...

bean bag chair for my son
brown paper gift wrap 
apple mac linen pillow
100% cotton tea towel
organic baby rattle / teething ring in green or red
toddler / baby cotton singlet
organic fabric combo pillow - made by joint efforts of BIRCHseed & The Organic Mamas
toddler / baby singlet with green apple motif
fat 1/4s of  fabric - as featured on crafting a greener world
fat 1/4 of fabric ready for making
baby bib - a completely home-designed, sewn & handprinted item  

organic onesie - SOLD OUT

phew, thats alot of apples. -- BIRCHseed 'apples' can now be found across most states in australia and around the globe in places like singapore, new jersey, connecticut & new zealand.

if you would like to join in on the 'apple-mania' (another word creation ooops!) you could purchase one for yourself if you pop over to my shop.

oh &... i love making new stuff, it excites me!... i will continue to post in this series when i have more apple items to share with you. until then ...

:: is there anything you would like an apple print on? just pop up a comment & we can work together on creating something completely and utterly for you!



  1. I am a big fan of your apples, and my niece was pretty happy with the parcel with all it's goodies inside!

  2. oh thanks for that feedback Andrea - it makes my day to hear this!

  3. I love the apple print, especially on the bean bag chair. It will be a joy to follow your blog and see all the gorgeous things you design and create :)


  4. Bec, how lovely of you join - welcome :) that chair was one of my first ever projects for my son. he uses it everyday & calls it 'my blue apples chair'.


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