Tuesday, May 17

my home-based workshop -- the tour

so... i run my small blockprinting endeavours from home. well, for all my printing i actually work in a shed in my backyard! 

see... there is my house in the background, sons toys scattered around the yard & chokos piled-up on the ground. a chook or two also live here, along with kenny the cat and jackie brown my forever loyal kelpie.

i blockprint because i want to be at home with my son and look after him. i also do this because i am fortunate to have a supportive partner [mr r.] who allows me to explore my creative side without the pressure to make money - or an income from it (thanks mr r. for these pics!)

i love working in the shed... its a great open space -- double garage with 2 roller doors i open right up and let the natural light stream in.

 i am in love with nasturtiums too --  i seem to always have them growing in abundance in my garden, so much so, that i can pick streamers of them & hang in my shed for some added vibrancy & prettiness...


... ok & now we are inside my home...

this is where all the blockprint designs & carving take place and of course the sewing -- tucked away in a little nook of the sunroom. its a cosy & warm room that takes in a stunning northerly view of the springbrook np range. yes, i am lucky to live in beautiful northern nsw.

oh, and a new love in my life -- a vintage ironing board. she stands proud & tall and only cost me $5 from my local thrift store last week! isn't she gorgeous!!

ok, so now you can see a glimpse into my creative space. its nice to have a space like this. its nice to create. 

:: where 'abouts' do you spend your time creating?


  1. Ah your home and creative spaces look peaceful and lovely Nikki :)
    Enough bench space, plenty of natural light, and a family environment. I've lived in houses like that in the past and would like to again in the future.
    I love nasturtiums too - they'll be taking over much of my garden again this winter :)
    Happy creating :)

  2. Fantastic!
    I always thought your photography was awesome.
    Good to see you are revelling your talents in branded hand crafts. Nice work Nic!

    P.S. Love the shed



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