Wednesday, May 25

production series: tea pots -- part 1

ok. here's the beginning of a new series... i am going to share with you how my BIRCHseed -- printed by hand products are made. 


1. it begins with thinking of an idea for a new product. in this case its a tea pot print for toddler girls a range of products like: t-shirt print / toy softie / scarf & fabric for clothes making.

i source inspiration from online / mags & books / thrift stores (yes! where i found this awesome tea pot) / my garden / nature walks etc. everywhere really - my brain does not stop.


2. i then start sketching & getting my design in some sort of order

3. i select the design i am happy with the most 

4. then draw it onto the lino (in reverse as all blockprinting is mirrored when pressed)

5. & then the carving begins...

& thats all i have done so far... 

i am working on this project now so you will see part 2 shortly that will take you through the carving & printing processes in more detail.


:: until then you can follow daily posts with my 'thrift finds week' over at my facebook page -- oh & i would love to hear any projects (big or small) that you have in progress :)


  1. loving your week of op-shoppy finds.
    Tea pots will go well.
    I've been making fabric brooches over the last year or so (some apples amongst them) and the tea pots always move quickly.
    Good luck with the tea pot printing - can't wait to see them.

  2. thanks for the feedback bec :) its great to hear about your products too....every single creation that you make via radish & ruth is so very incredibly sweet!

  3. Great start point for your blocks!!! Very talent!

  4. and now I know where to source some much more fabulous teapots and apples if I make some more for markets! xx
    Also super love your workshop. x


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