Tuesday, May 31

a collection of inspiration

photo --  the age

last week i was spending some time reading back through a new blog i have recently discovered -- flourish & blume ... all about two gals revamping old chairs.

i don’t know about you, but i love opening the links that other people provide in their blogs, as they usually contain endless inspiration and provide me with new knowledge that i simply do not possess in my small young mind. 

& through some flourish & blume link love contained in their florence, the original style queen post, i ended up going on to read a biographical account of ‘florence broadhurst – her secret & extraordinary lives’ written by helen o’neill.

what an intriguing, yet controversial australian 'lady' for her day (1899-1977). if you have the time, go read the book for your self… or for a quick take on this dynamic lady & to view her extraordinary work, you can head on over to signature prints.


signature prints are the proud custodians of, and own exclusive world-wide commercial licensing to this iconic library. if you are into screen printing, then take a look at their site - its amazing! (i would certainly be knocking on their door for some work experience if i lived in sydney) 

photo -- signature prints

so, to say i have gained a little bit of inspiration from the broadhurst collection is an understatement. i am captivated by many of her designs (& there are reportedly 500+ in the collection). 


& my favourites are...

scatter daisy - for its quaint delight..

 cockatoos - for its hidden australian quirkiness

& japanese bamboo - so strong & fresh


:: if your up for a challenge, which of these three do you like?

ps: if you want to take a peek at the whole collection head over here


  1. Awesome post - great to see how you get your inspiration.

    I am voting for the bamboo print personally :-)

    Keep up the great work - loving your blog.

  2. This little lady rocks our world and isn't it a great read hey?! So glad you're sharing it :-)

  3. definitely! thanks for bring my attention to her :) looking forward to seeing more of her designs featured on your chairs!

  4. It's a great book. I have been given a copy from my sister-in-law a little awhile ago...fantastic woman!!!
    Well to pick here...the cockatoos!!!
    Cheers ;O)


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