Thursday, June 9

production series: tea pots -- part 3

we continue on today from part 1 & part 2 of this production series to show you what products i have made using this new tea pot print.

 its a similar post to the one i did about my 'apple' prints. some items are available to purchase in my shop now, others will be there soon after a bit more refining.

tea towels - these started out in just red. but thanks to a custom order request (via my madeit shop), yellow and blue are now featured there too. (ps: i actually LOVE the blue best!)

then onto a bit of creative sewing to make a birthday gift for a friends 2 year old girl...i used a natural linen fabric for the print patch & then appliquéd it onto a bondsie.

important announcement...i have fallen in love with hemp fabric! (organic of course!)

i have begun to experiment with this wonderful textile & i am addicted. you will certainly be seeing alot more BIRCHseed hemp products soon.

 ... and here we have a tea pot coaster to place underneath my tea pot. i have used hemp for the print and some vintage floral fabric from my own stash - have you seen my stash btw?

and finally, i am toying around with the idea of creating a little 'tea party' softie set for toddler-girls imaginary playtime.

i have an amazing tea cup collection to use for some new blockprint designs that will be added to the tea set over the next few weeks. 


:: Do you think some tea cup tea towels would be good too? i know i will be making some for my kitchen!

ps: this post was featured in this weeks 'our creative spaces' blog spot... some great designers & makers over there so go check it out!


  1. wow! a comment from all the way over in california... thankyou diane :)

  2. They are really the tea pot design. YOu should make a play set for kids with it

  3. love the teapot coaster!

  4. I love my new tea towels ~ thank you! I think the blue looks amazing too :) xxx

  5. thanks for the nice comments girls!

    its good to hear some feedback about making a play set Michelle. it is my next project after a new toddler boy design i will show some time next week.

    radishandruth.... its a bit weird having a tea pot coaster for a tea pot, especially as the print is the same as my own teapot! (bit of overkill) i think i will run this item as a giveaway soon instead of me keeping it - what do you think?

    topcat - thanks for the rav reviews :) hearing feedback for my product keeps me carving in the shed, even when its freezing cold!!

    nikki :)

  6. these are awesome! :D I am a designer myself who is looking for great inspiration! love all things hand made & just unique in their own way. really need to get my creative on! thanks for sharing yr awesome work! :D


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