Monday, February 6

House & Garden magazine feature

my apple mac linen cushion was selected by the House & Garden Stylist for inclusion in a fruity feature of their March ed.

it came about through me listing a shop on a great new online market place called down that little lane . 

Check them out on FB here and the Blog here.... (...and if you like what you see apply! ((you must apply as this market place is full of unique and top quality items)) ... & yes, they are currently looking for new shop sellers... )

Tessa, the lady behind this new market place was contacted by the H&G stylist who had selected out of all the amazing products - my cushion! 

yippee..... free advertising and its quite exciting seeing my BIRCHseed stuff in a mag :) 

:: i would love to hear if your goods have been featured in a magazine/s 


  1. Well done! As both a Publisher and Small Business Owner I can offer the following tips. Hope they help!

    Editorial support is surprisingly easy to get. Mags are short on time and tight on deadlines, so are always looking for quality finds to be brought to them. To further your reach:
    1) Source e-addresses and names from the masthead (usually near ed's page) of the mags you love which are relevant to your market.
    2) Prepare a short, punchy press release and save as a PDF with a few product pics and an opening para for your email highlighting who you are, who your products are relevant to, why they're good (your USP), pricing - and where they're available (so many people forget this).
    3) Attach 2 or 3 images of print quality (300dpi) asPDFs

  2. Sorry ran out of space!

    Very important: Make sure your total email size is no more than 1.5-2MB. Editors receive a lot of press releases and often delete those at 10MB without reading - that's if their server allows files of that size to even get through!

    Also, Editors are busy people. Make sure you cc the Lifestyle Editor, a features writer - or if your product shots are gorgeous, the Art Director/Graphic Designer.

  3. That is so excellent... congratulations :)

  4. Yah to being in a mag!! Hope it brings some much deserved extra press and notice.

    I do like that tops from Michelle above.

    Chat soon - would be lovely to catch up. I'm settling into the new school year, and have almost caught my breath!

  5. thanks michelle for the great tips. its handy having a friend who is in the industry - but on the editing end of things, as this advice is gold!!

    thanks also lamina and ellie for such kind words :)



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