Thursday, September 1

handprinted organic canvas totes - part 2

back a couple of weeks ago, i wrote a post about some wonderful organic canvas bags i was printing as a custom order for mel @ the organic mamas. so, now i happily announce.... that my printed versions are ready and listed for sale in my shop here


... here are some more snaps if bags are your thing?

the 'victor lawn mower' man bag

'pea pods' tote

the 'apples' tote in red, green, blue or orange

pair of 'pears' tote

'apples' shopping bag in red

'apples' shopping bag in green

'chookies' shopping bags in brown, blue or orange

 '2 tea pots' in red

'2 tea pots' in orange

'2 tea pots' in yellow

did i say how wonderful the texture and feel of these awesome organic canvas bags are? and how totally 
suited block printing looks on them? 

another fun & great collaboration between BIRCHseed and The Organic Mamas :)

:: i would love to hear from my blog readers what YOUR favourite print is?


  1. Favourite? So hard to choose, I am rather partial to apples and thats going on my pinterest board. I like the Pears too and the tea pots. I think if I were to purchase one it would be pea pods! So sweet. Gorgeous Designs.

  2. I love the lawnmower - perfect for when dragging the Man around the farmers market & he has to carry the bags!

  3. Such gorgeous prints...the yellow teapots are my favourite.

  4. Teapots then apples definitely my top two! They all look gorgeous :)

  5. Such great prints... I just love the chicken and teapots :)

  6. ooohhh - its like picking my favourite child.....but i do love the apples in all the colours waiting on the hooks and i LOVE the chooks too - and you know I love the apples, love the lawn mowers, i could go on and on....
    mel x

  7. oh wow! there's such a big range. i can't even choose a favourite!

  8. How funny I was only looking in your store a few hours ago as was thinking you could be suitable for our website launching in a couple of weeks xx

  9. I think they're all awesome!

  10. so beautiful! i just love the teapots :)

  11. These are just perfect, I love it! So glad to have found your blog! Wondered if you'd like to make some in bunting for my 'The Bunting Swap' - details on my blog today xxxxx Rach xx

  12. So hard to choose a fave, they are all gorgeous. I do love the teapot the most, possibly (today)

  13. They all are great! Love the apples.


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