Thursday, July 7

making my own stationary -- swing tags & stuff

nothing pretty to show off this week...rather its about being practical. 

i like to make everything myself... you could call me stubborn, but i guess i am just a little bit frugal in life.

... plus i just want to make sure that when someone buys a BIRCHseed item, they get a little bit extra handmade goodness, that tells a touch more about what i do.

a few weeks ago, i decided i needed (wanted) a BIRCHseed stamp i could use for letter head, business cards, on the back of envelopes etc. 

but i did not want one of those ugly mail-order self inking rubber stamps. so i got my carving tools out, and after a bit of freehand carving in reverse (not so easy!) i ended up with this. 

and i here are some individually hand-pressed business cards using this new stamp...

... and had to make some more swing tags for my retail sales

... and some name tags stamped with a flower

...and some stickers (its the leaf block you saw above) used to seal the wrapped BIRCHseed items, instead of sticky tape.

... and some cards to write nice messages on.

mmm, things have come a long way since my first attempt at a business card last year when i began BIRCHseed. 

oh,... i do make my own cotton clothing/product labels too.

... in a few weeks i will pop up a free tutorial, that reveals the ins and outs of 
how you can do this at home too :)


:: is anyone as crazy as me and makes their own 'everything' things?

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  1. Everything looks great. well done..I believe I am as crazy as you making my own "everything" things...good for your mind!!! ;O)

  2. not yet, but i have plans. I'll be making more everything things from about september onward. :)

  3. Fantastic hand carved stamp. Letters are the hardest!

  4. Wow! You could seriously think about making those gorgeous mini stamps to sell Nikki ~ That pretty little flower (stamped in pinky red on your tags) is gorgeous and I would definitely buy one to use for me! :)

  5. I love your designs. They take me back in my childhood and remind me of wonderful moments. How cool is to have all the things you've made. Now I want to make my own stamps too!

  6. thanks for all those nice comments peoples...its keeps me going when things are really slow and i just want to finish one thing and start something new! i have lots of those days being a mum!!

  7. Love what you've done, there's nothing like 'your own' and you've done such a lovely job.

  8. So inspiring! I too am stubborn and frugal and make my own EVERYTHING! Not a nicely as you do though...

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