Thursday, November 10

i like brooches...

i like really brooches. 
you just feel that little bit more happy going about your day when you wear them... don't you think?

they bring back those nostalgic dress-up memories too... and remember all those hours spent tinkering in your mums jewellery box and wardrobe? i do!

i spent a bit of time on  madeit this week... here are four of my favourites i hand-picked. nice hey?

do take a look at these shops...cause there other really sweet things in them too!
4. radish and ruth


here are the beginnings of the BIRCHseed brooch collection...


a little birdie told me...

coriander seeds....

retro flower...


alyssum in the garden...

oh and there will be rings....

and lots of sweet little buttons too...


these will come in more colours - like a nice turmeric yellow, tangerine orange and sky blue.

printed on gorgeous organic hemp fabric and made with the best quality stainless metal casings. you can even pop these through your washing machine!

not in my shops yet... but expect them there very soon!

:: are there any other colours that you would love to see the BIRCHseed brooches printed in?

oh yeh.... more over at our creative spaces today


  1. Yours designs are gorgeous, love the retro flower!

  2. I love brooches too! I make mine in felt, but I really like the Birchseed designs. My fav are the birds but I love the shapes of the plants too. The colours you have are lovely but you cant go wrong with a nice purple too!

  3. How do you come up with these wonderful designs?! I adore them! On a brooch, a button, or a ring, they look so, so sweet!

  4. wow, love these! cant wait to see them in your shop. Im addicted to brooches!

  5. Beautiful clean sharp designs-well done.

  6. Beautiful! Especially like the allyssium and the florence. Like the idea of a bluish colour:) Cyndy

  7. I totally adore those brooches!:-)

  8. Love your brooches! Your designs are gorgeous, I think my favourite is the Florence... I like the reference! I also think a blue might be nice.

    Lovely work!

  9. Very pretty! I really like your designs, the designs and colours are just so fresh :)

  10. brooches are now available to buy in my madeit shop -

  11. My favourite are poppies and little bird, so beautiful.

  12. I love brooches, wearing them and making them. Yours are so cute, my favorites are the coriander and the bird. love the bright red color maybe you could also do a blue one :-)

  13. Wonderful!
    I love everything about printing and stamping!

  14. love all of the brooches, very creative, thanks for sharing.


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