Thursday, June 23

working on a few things 'for the boys'...

 i am working on a few new designs just 'for the boys'...

if you have been following updates over at BIRCHseed face book page, you would have seen a sneak peek of these 'boy things'.

as you can see... the 'victor' lawn mower design is getting alot of action atm. doing my test prints, my son has acquired a few new additions to his wardrobe... (a very big thanks to Mel from the organic mamas for that lovely & soft organic singlet you see on the right). i love the orange print on the navy fabric of this bonds onesie...

... and here i have experimented with printing directly onto the ribbed fabric of a bonds singlet... this technique, while looks ok here, is real hit and miss with it being very difficult to get a clean pressing of the print. i have many singlets that have not worked!!

... and these are the colours i have printed & are up for-sale in my shop (minus the dribbles)

and now onto the 'digger' design. diggers are what toddler boys are into - as i am quickly finding out! my idea behind this print is to make digger softies (teddies) for boys to cuddle & play with. girls seem to have a plethora of dolls and teddy's, and so i am thinking boys need something other than a typical teddy to add to their collection. 

and here is digger morphing into other play items for my son...

i think i may experiment with printing him a linen doona cover with diggers.?

... and finally the humble chook gets a look in here 'for the boys' too...

i made this chook pillow i made for my sons bedroom. whilst this is not a new design, i am playing around with using the print in many other ways than for the 6 different colours i do for the chook softies in my shop.


so there you have it. my new 'for the boys' range is slowly developing. being a mum to a 2 year old boy really does put you in-touch with whats important for the little men of this world!

:: what are your boys into right at this moment for their age?


  1. LOVE the lawn mower! So cute! I really like the orange print on white with the navy background too. It's a striking colour combination.

  2. Thanks for your comment Angela. i have also been experimenting with printing onto 100% linen with natural flecks...and it looks great too. but i do agree that the combination of orange, on white on navy works well here.

    I see you make some pretty items over at your etsy store & you have a lovely blog too (of which i have just subscribed).

  3. loving the chook pillow. you have fabulous taste nikki.

  4. The lawnmower print is excellent. I have linked it to my blog...hope that's ok.


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